Glad you're interested in Campmojis! Follow the quick steps below and you'll be using them in no time.

Using In iMessage on iOS

1. Open iMessage

After you've downloaded the app from the iOS app store, open iMessage. Begin typing a message and select the arrow next to the text field.

2. Go to iMessage Applications

Select the Applications button next to the text field.

3. View iMessage Apps

Select the 4 bubbles in lower left corner to view your iMessage apps.

4. Go To Store Settings

Select the + icon to go the iMessage Store.

5. Select Manage

Select the 'Manage' button in the top right.

6. Turn Campmojis On

Move the toggle next to Campmojis to 'On'.

7. Select Campmoji App

The icon will now appear in your iMessage applications.

8. Use Your Campmojis!

Now that the keyboard is activated (you only have to do this once), select Applications (Step 2) when you want to insert a Campmoji.

Using Campmojis on Android

1. Visit

Head to to select your Campmoji.

2. Find Your Campmoji

Scroll through the options until you find the one you'd like to use.

3. Select Download

Hit the download arrow in the top right corner.

4. Open Image

Select 'Open' from the bottom menu.

5. Share Image

Select the Share icon from the top menu.

7. Enter Name, Number or Email

Enter the information of the contact you'd like to send to. The Campmoji will appear in the body of your message.

TIP: Save To Photos

If you want to save for later, select the 'Open With' button and choose Photos. The Campmoji will then appear in your Photos app for use anytime.
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