Love talking and planning about getting outdoors? Consider this a boost to your text thread. We built this keyboard for campers, rounding up the feelings and friends you can only find outside and on the trail.

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Gear Giddy 001 Download Gear Giddy


Gear Giddy

When you lay out all your new gear before your first trip of the season... and you can't stop smiling
Trail Tastebuds 002 Download Trail Tastebuds


Trail Tastebuds

The phenomenon of questionable meals tasting amazing on your trip but kind of gross once you're back home
Trail Stick 003 Download Trail Stick


Trail Stick

The branch you find that becomes your walking stick, your fire poker, and you swear you'll take it home and keep it forever (until you lovingly leave it behind)
Trail Saint 004 Download Gear Giddy


Trail Saint

That friend who always has the extra bandaid, water, or the granola bar that brings you back to life
Three-Chord Charlie 005 Three-Chord Charlie


Three-Chord Charlie

That guy who brings the guitar but only knows one song – but damn if he doesn't sing with all his heart
Poison Epiphany 006 Download Poison Epiphany


Poison Epiphany

That moment when you realize you've been sitting in a patch of ivy for the last five minutes
Team Sherpa 007 Download Team Sherpa


Team Sherpa

Shoutout to the friend with the quads that can carry a little extra for the rest of the gang
River Beer 008 Download River Beer


River Beer

Brews at a temperature so perfect only mother nature could pull it off
Pee With A View 009 Download Pee With A View


Pee With A View

When the call of nature and a view of nature converge
Boot Sigh 010 Download Boot Sigh


Boot Sigh

The joyous relief of taking your hiking boots off after a long day and lettin those piggies breeeeeathe
Van View 011 Download Van View


Van View

Party in the front, epic landscapes in the back
Needyorologist 012 Download Needyorologist



The amateur weather forecaster in your group who is obsessively checking the weather report for your trip
Sleeping Leg 013 Download Sleeping Leg


Sleeping Leg

Tried and true temperature control for your sleeping bag – catching zzzs with one leg out
Kayak Lean Back 014 Download Kayak Lean Back


Kayak Lean Back

The zen-like moment of finding some calm water, kickin back, and taking it all in (bonus points for a starry night)
Feeling Flannel 015 Download Feeling Flannel


Feeling Flannel

Achieving full camp vibes with cozy layers and roaring fires
Perfect Mallow 016 Download Perfect Mallow


Perfect Mallow

The perfect golden marshmallow and the feeling of victory after a little patience
Garbage Gourmet 017 Download Garbage Gourmet


Garbage Gourmet

Your magical friend who takes the leftovers on your final day and turns them into an epic last meal
Ten Out Of Tent 018 Download Ten Out Of Tent


Ten Out Of Tent

No incline, no rocks, no roots: the fistpump-worthy find of the perfect tent spot
Hammock Happiness 019 Download Hammock Happiness


Hammock Happiness

Win #1: Finding two trees the perfect distance. Win #2: Not falling out trying to get in. Win #3: Swaying away to inner peace.
Fire Trance 020 Download Fire Trance


Fire Trance

...wait... how long have I been staring at this fire?
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